This is the title track from the forthcoming second album by Preterite,
to be released on CD by Union Finale on the 22nd of September 2013

Union Finale officially launched



We are extending our collaboration beyond Menace Ruine by creating Union Finale,
a label that will function principally as a home for recordings by our respective projects,
as well as for special MR releases in the future. Cheers!

S + G


Menace Ruine now has a Bandcamp page
with most releases available on compact disc
or as digital files. Some of the features:

The digital version of ‘In Vulva Infernum’ is that
which served for the cassette release duplication
and is available for the first time ever.

Cult Of Ruins digital format includes the bonus track
'Feu Bon' which until now has only been available
as part of the ‘Black Mass Rising’ movie soundtrack.
'Bonded By Wyrd' is newly remastered as well.

'The Die Is Cast' comes with the official video
for ‘Utterly Destitute’.

The out-of-print ‘Sigil Sessions’ EP is finally
available as a download.

Most lyrics are included with the song files.

All orders will be managed by ourselves
and truly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Warm regards,
S & G

Now available: PRETERITE’s new digital EP, ‘Remembrancer’

Now available: PRETERITE’s new digital EP, ‘Remembrancer

New confirmed live dates:Earth, Menace Ruine, Wolvserpent,  UzalaMarch 21 - Boise, ID, USA - NeuroluxMenace Ruine, Thrones, Waldteufel, Daniel MencheMarch 24 - Portland, OR, USA - RottureMenace Ruine, Oneirogen, Andrew HockApril 20 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo

Lithograph by Mariano Andreu

New confirmed live dates:

Earth, Menace Ruine, Wolvserpent, Uzala
March 21 - Boise, ID, USA - Neurolux

Menace Ruine, Thrones, Waldteufel, Daniel Menche
March 24 - Portland, OR, USA - Rotture

Menace Ruine, Oneirogen, Andrew Hock
April 20 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo

Lithograph by Mariano Andreu

Dark Mother. Live in Paris – October 21st, 2012